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The FW de Klerk Foundation writes regular articles on topical issues, supports language and cultural rights and participates in the national debate on racial and cultural issues. The Foundation also promotes communication by holding conferences and workshops.


While the outgoing ANC president is heading in his own direction, outside the control of the ANC, the government, and Parliament, the battle for a new ANC president is continuing. There are still three main scenarios for a winner (in alphabetical order): Dlamini-Zuma, Mkhize and Ramaphosa.

According to the numbers of delegates from the various provinces that have now been determined, it is clear that there has been strong growth in Mpumalanga (736 delegates), and only KwaZulu-Natal has more (870).  The Eastern Cape and Limpopo come in at three and four (648 and 643 respectively). North West and Gauteng are in the middle group (538 and 508), with the Free State (409), Northern Cape (197) and Western Cape (182) at the lower end. The branches make up 90% of the 5 300 delegates, with the rest coming from the Leagues and the Provincial Executive Committees (PECs).

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It is a great pleasure for me to be able to address you this evening during this - my first - visit to Panama.

Panama City is one of the great crossroads of the world - between the two largest oceans - the Atlantic and Pacific, and between the two continents of the new world, North and South America.

It is also quite a new and welcome experience for me to be able to speak on the crucially important question of education - as a critical success factor for humanity.

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In the midst of the ongoing sensational revelations about state capture and corruption, and the developing struggle for the leadership of the ANC, other important news often goes almost unnoticed. An example of this is the report card on infrastructure that the South African Institution for Civil Engineers (SAICE) recently published, with the help of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).

They pinpoint a festering sore that is not only costing the country huge amounts of money, but which also could also kill us (literally and figuratively). SAICE has done intensive research into all kinds of infrastructure: water, sanitation, solid waste, roads, airports, railways, electricity, health and education. Based on their findings, they graded these categories (and subcategories). The ratings range from “world class” (A) to “unfit for purpose” (E). Between these are “fit for the future” (B), “satisfactory for now” (C) and “at risk of failure” (D). Their overall rating of South Africa's infrastructure is D+, down from a C- in 2011, just after the Soccer World Cup's infrastructure upgrades. This means that SA's infrastructure, according to the civil engineers (including those that work for the state), is “at risk of failure”.

Tutu and FWDK

The FW de Klerk Foundation team would like to convey their warmest birthday wishes and congratulations to Archbishop Emeritus, Desmond Tutu, who is celebrating his 86th Birthday on Saturday, 7 October 2017.

The Foundation would like to wish the Arch the very best of health for the year ahead, and give recognition to his lifelong efforts towards fostering a peaceful, non-racial, democratic South Africa. The Foundation applauds the Arch for speaking out for the constitutional values and rights upon which our democracy is built.

Happy Birthday Arch!

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The FW de Klerk Foundation developed this informative brochure offering a brief overview of former President FW de Klerk's life and work, specifically aimed at primary school learners. This resource forms part of the Foundation's Legacy Programme.


It is a great pleasure for me to visit Quinnipiac University.

I first met Professor David Ives several years ago at one of the annual Summits of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates.  Over the years we became firm friends.  Each time I met David he told me about Quinnipiac - and each time I listened to him I told him how much I would like to visit his university.

And now at last I am here.

I want to share with you tonight not only the story about how my country, South Africa, has become a much better place during the past 27 years - but also about how developments in my country have been rooted in a global process that has resulted in a world that, since the end of the Second World War, has also become an immeasurably better for billions of people.


Johann Rupert, Executive Chairman of Remgro and CEO of Richemont, said recently in London at a shareholders meeting that “radical economic transformation" was just a codeword for theft.

The ANC responded within hours with a blistering statement and a torrent of comments, straight from the socialist-Marxist economic textbook. They warned Rupert to remain silent because he is a “beneficiary of apartheid's exclusionary policies” with “ill-begotten privilege”. The insinuation is that he opposes economic empowerment and change, and that he does not act in the interests of a democratic system.

Even though no comments have been forthcoming from other South African business leaders, it can be assumed that a substantial number of them agree with him on this point and say exactly the same in private conversations and in board meetings.

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The FW de Klerk Foundation, with the full support of its founder, Nobel Peace Laureate and former South African President, FW de Klerk, calls on all parties in the Myanmar conflict to show restraint and wisdom in managing and trying to resolve what is fast become a globally recognised humanitarian crisis. When tens of thousands of people (some say hundreds of thousands) flee a country, whether it is to get away from “the violence” or from “the army”, it is reason for a government to pause and ask what should be done urgently.  What we and the rest of the international community see is that ordinary people are hurt the most.

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